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Rushina H. Bhatt, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

As a Licensed Psychologist, I work with women and men to help them increase their overall psychological well-being, happiness and importantly, life satisfaction. This could mean external goal-achievement, or changing thinking/feeling/behavior patterns. Often, it can be a combination of both, with lots of learning and self-knowledge.

Unresolved emotional problems often influence different aspects of life, overall well-being, and the quality of one's life areas-- including work, prosperity, relationships. And at times, affect the quality of life of family members.


We work on first helping you identify these, and develop strategies to help you improve these areas of life.


Your goals can be unique. Examples of goals-- Boost happiness, shape a healthy physical health and mental health habits, regain a true sense of self-worth, feel in-charge of goals/life, upgrade your home environment, get unstuck, achieve success, or to be happy within your relationships. Other times, the goal is to decrease depression, manage anxiety, cope with divorce/breakup, improve self-care and self-esteem, or improve overall sense of well-being. Or perhaps, find your inner peace and reclaim your mental strength.

Reach out to work on more happiness and life-satisfaction in life, help you shape a better life, one individual session at a time.

Mental health work can be present-oriented, future goals-oriented, and/or focused on understanding the past to prevent any unhelpful patterns.


Learn, grow, feel uplifted, and experience what self-knowledge and psychological well-being can bring to your life.

Dr. Bhatt



Systematically work towards your goals. And receive the needed support and guidance.


Learn healthy ways to boost your overall happiness.

Implement strategies to improve mental health and well-being.


Hope, optimism, joy.

MIND and money

Remove psychological blocks to prosperity. Learn seemingly simple skills such as budgeting/planning. Set goals. Get inspired.

Mind and money.


 Create Better Habits

Better Sleep

Improved Nutrition

Vegetarian diet

Improved self-care.