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Rushina H. Bhatt, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

As a Licensed Psychologist, I work with women and men to help them increase their overall psychological well-being, happiness and importantly, life satisfaction. Sometimes this could mean by goal-achievement; other times it could mean changing thinking-patterns or behaviors. Often, it can be a combination of both. And lots of learning.

Unresolved emotional problems often influence different aspects of life, overall well-being, and the quality of one's life areas-- including work, prosperity, relationships. And sometimes even the quality of life of family members.


Your goals can be unique. Examples of goals-- Boost happiness, shape a healthy physical health and mental health habits, regain a true sense of self-worth, feel in-charge of goals/life, upgrade your home environment, get unstuck, achieve success, or to be happy within your relationships. Other times, the goal is to decrease depression, manage anxiety, cope with divorce/breakup, improve self-care and self-esteem, or improve overall sense of well-being.

We work together, individually, with a customized plan for you. We start your journey to more happiness and satisfaction in life, and help you shape a better life, one individual session at a time.


I believe that the right resources + appropriate guidance = Success. I tend to provide guidance and perspectives in ways that are easily absorbed by my patients. Even when clients receive individual counseling, the therapeutic benefits are often noticed and experienced by families as well.

No need to just glance at happiness from a distance. No need to suffer in silence. No need to let unresolved emotional problems limit your life, when you could instead - learn, grow, feel uplifted, and strengthen from life's challenges.

Dr. Bhatt



Systematically work towards your success goals. And receive the needed support.


Boost overall happiness.


Remove psychological blocks to prosperity. Learn seemingly simple skills such as budgeting/planning. Set goals. Get inspired.


 Create Better Habits

Better Sleep

Improved Nutrition

Improved self-care.




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Bedford, TX 76021

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10am to 4pm

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