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NOTE (Time-savers):


We do not do any disability evaluations or forms.

We do not accept EAP.

We generally work with Adult patients of all age ranges; however, there are some variable factors before a referral is accepted. Completing these forms does not make any guarantees.

We do not have any staff who does bereavement type of work. You might look into or other directories to search for an appropriate therapist.

New Clients/Patients:
The client portal will allow you to complete these forms and also facilitate email communication.
We need four documents/forms prior to your first appointment :
1) Registration form -- Basic information that you can fill it via the portal. Please keep your insurance card handy.

2) Insurance card -- front and back (Email via the client portal)
3) Patient Services Agreement form (Review and sign it via the portal)
4) Background information.
Fill this form to your comfort level.
Please ensure that your paperwork is filled out at least one or two days prior to your first appointment.
Updates -- Accepting new patients. Thank you.


Additional contact information:

Fax:         (972) 607 - 9429

        This is the simplest way to reach us for any questions, etc.

           Strengthen Behavior Consultants, LLC
           1912 Central Dr., Suite I
           Bedford, TX 76021

For any issues, feel free to email or call us.
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