Payment for Clinical Services....



At Strengthen Behavior Consultants, below are some forms of payments accepted. Payments are due at the time of the service. Payments can also be made utilizing the web-portal.

  • Check

  • Debit Card

  • Credit Card

  • Cash

  • HSA Account

  • FSA Account


We are happy to accept insurance.

  • Aetna

  • Blue Choice (BlueCross BlueShield PPO) 

  • Medicare      

We will need copy of both sides of your insurance card and your ID when you check in.


​When will I be required to make the co-payment or co-insurance?
Co-payments are due at the time of service. Co-insurance amount is determined once we receive your payment from the insurance company, at which point, you would need to pay it promptly. For Medicare patients, co-insurance invoice and statement are sent after Medicare has reimbursed the amount covered. Pay promptly once you receive the statement.

How long will it take to get things settled with the insurance company?
Generally, it takes from 30 to 60 days to obtain payment from an insurance carrier. Some insurance carriers reimburse a lot faster. You will be charged for any remainder that has not yet been paid after the insurance has settled your account.

What is the exact amount charged for my sessions?​
Private pay rates are: $225 for the initial session, $200 for individual psych-therapy/counseling and $200 for video counseling. If you are using insurance, know that individual providers contract with local insurance companies when they are considered "in-network".  This makes it difficult to tell you how much your session will be given that each plan contracts at a different rate. Therefore, if you are needing the exact amount you will have to pay (for instance if you have a deductible), you will need to contact your insurance company. 

​It is your responsibility to understand the particulars of your insurance plan.  For specific questions regarding insurance plan, call the number on the back of your card.  In addition, you are required to stay informed regarding the changes in co-payment, deductible etc. that are associated with your account.  If your policy changes, please make sure that you contact us to provide us with these changes so that you are not left with a large bill.  Changes to your policy that have not been reported to us (that result in under or no payment) are your responsibility.  You will be billed for services denied by your insurance.   ​
Why do you keep a credit card on file? Is the information secure?
A credit card is kept on file for various reasons.  In particular, to provide easy payment for various items you are responsible for such as co-payments, missed appointments, etc.  It will only be charged according to the credit card policy.  For your safety, it is kept securely.  


What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your appointment by leaving us a detailed message, or using the online portal. Remember, you would need to pro-actively reschedule your next appointment.

  We require 7 days notice for cancellations; anything less is considered late cancellation or no-show. So if you did not inform us by Friday of the week before, consider it a late cancellation/no-show. There is a $90 fee for late cancellation/no-show.

  If you cancel/no-show your first appointment, we ask that you wait for a few months before re-scheduling.

  In case of excessive cancellations (prior notice, or not),

      - We ask that you wait a few months before re-scheduling.

      - Alternatively, we are happy to provide referrals for other providers, if you find a   

        better fit elsewhere.

​I have EAP benefits through my work. Do you accept EAP?

We no longer accept EAP. For EAP plans, you may call the EAP counselor/Human Resources department at your employer, and ask them for assistance.

Will my diagnosis be kept in my medical record?​
​When a client chooses to use medical insurance, a diagnosis is required for the purposes of billing.  This diagnosis is kept on record with the insurance company.  It is impossible to determine what this will mean in the future for any client.  Those that are concerned about others having access to their record, or of having a medical diagnosis on file may want to consider private pay. Others take the approach of the framework - it is what it is.


What are some options for receiving behavior health services if one is unable to afford the private pay fee?
Option to pay in installments.
You could space the counseling sessions farther; for example, bi-weekly sessions instead of weekly, if appropriate for your treatment needs. Do note that this might delay some of your progress or the momentum; nonetheless it may be an option.

Also, check if there are any low-cost services provided by your state, for example, in North Texas, NTBHA . Often social workers can be resourceful in helping locate such resources.

Additionally, for your next gift wish-list, consider saving for behavior health services. There are few gifts as valuable as the opportunity to improve oneself and aspects of one's life such as relationship, happiness, and career.


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