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New Clients :

Generally, in-person and virtual sessions are offered. As of March, 2020 -- only Virtual Therapy sessions are being offered, now, on Skype-like HIPAA-compliant platform.

STEP 1: Click the lavender -  Start Here for Appointment button. Due to COVID-19 - currently all appointments are virtual/online only.



We do not do any disability evaluations or forms.


We do not accept EAP.

Currently accepting adult and older adult patients only.

Please visit the PAYMENT page for general info on methods of payment, and insurance currently accepted.



STEP 2: Click - Register as a new client/patient. This will take you through the below process, step by step. Ensure that you complete all of the below:

(i) Fill in the Registration form.


       If you want on-line sessions, clearly mention Virtual therapy sessions on the form (During

      COVID-19 emergency, assume that all sessions are virtual/on-line.)

      Tip: If using insurance for clinical services, keep your insurance card      

      handy. Fill in the - Insurance Information - requested on the form.

(ii) Once you complete the Registration form, you will receive other forms, and also be able to communicate via the portal.

(iii) FORMS -

We will need these forms before your first appointment:


  •   Registration form

  •   Background information form

  •   Patient-Services Agreement

  •   Insurance card copy- front and back.

  •   Id card copy

Sending us the forms:

If you have a scanner -- you can scan and email a copy of the forms....

Mail a paper copy (with adequate time).

Fax a copy.

STEP 4: Schedule your appointment online, or call us after the Registration to request appointment.


Show up at the appropriate virtual platform (you will receive instructions).

Show up just few minutes earlier and ready.

For any problems, do not hesitate to contact the office phone. And welcome to healthier mental health, one step at a time.


1912 Central Drive, Suite I (2nd floor)

Bedford, TX 76021

Hours: By Appointment Only

10am to 4pm

Main: (817) 857 - 1076

Fax: (972) 607 - 9429

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