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NOTE (Time-savers):


We do not do any disability evaluations or forms.


We do not accept EAP.

We generally work with Adult patients of all age ranges; however, there are some variable factors before a referral is accepted. Completing these forms does not make any guarantees.

We do not have any staff who does bereavement type of work. You might look into or other directories to search for an appropriate therapist.

Please visit the PAYMENT page for general info on methods of payment, and insurance currently accepted.


New Clients :

STEP 1: Review the documents needed.




STEP 2: Register

Click the lavender button - Start here for appointment.


Click - Register as a new client/patient. This will take you through the below process, step by step.

(i) Fill in the Registration form.

      Tip: If using insurance for clinical services, keep your insurance card      

      handy. Fill in the - Insurance Information - requested on the form.

(ii) Once you complete the Registration form, you will be able to complete the Background information, and also be able to communicate via the portal. [Occasionally if we are unable to help with a particular referral, we try to reach out soon and let you know.]

(iii) Additionally, you will also receive Patient-Services form/document. Send us this form, along with both sides of your insurance card.

STEP 3: Appointment

Once these are received, we contact you to schedule appointment.

At times, you might be able to schedule appointment online.

STEP 4: We will send you the virtual session instructions. Prepare and arrive at the waiting room (right now, virtually). Show up just few minutes early and ready. And yes, we are also looking forward to in-person appointments in the future.

For any questions, please contact the office phone. And welcome to healthier mental health, one step at a time. And congrats for having taken a very important step towards psychological well-being.