Clinical Services...

Diagnostic Assessments


What to expect:

Generally conducted during the initial session/s).

Purpose is to provide diagnostic clarifications, utilize the context for understanding current problems, and provide direction for treatment planning.

Do you feel ready to do your part, to improve your psychological  well-being? To improve yourself, and achieve your goals?

Individual Therapy


What to expect:

Therapy customized to individual treatment needs to address a range of problems.


Consultation Services...

Decision-Map Consultation

This service is to support individuals in the decision-making process, but not limited to professionals and business-owners in need of sound brainstorming support for important decision-making. For example, if a part of you wants to work towards a deeply aligned goal, and a part of you feels scared.

What to expect:

   4 sessions 

   Methodical approach.

   Purpose is to get you to a decision map and  

   a  plan - where you make the decision with a

   lot more confidence and a sense of stability.

Peer Consultation

This service is to help clinicians boost their client-specific skills. For example - case conceptualization, or receiving another perspective on how to work with a particular patient/client.

Other clinicians can also use this service as a means of self-growth and self-care. Or to return to a good "mind-set," or bring back the fun part of our work.

Note: This would not replace your supervision, or other resources, if applicable. This would be supplemental support.

What to expect:

    Self-growth and/or clinical growth - based on what your needs are, as a practitioner.


1912 Central Drive, Suite I (2nd floor)

Bedford, TX 76021

Hours: By Appointment Only

10am to 4pm

Main: (817) 857 - 1076

Fax: (972) 607 - 9429

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